Transformers Prime – Megatron

The Transformers Prime – Megatron offers a cool bot, technical transformation, and kinda’ odd vehicle mode.
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Starship Troopers 3 – Marauder

Ah, Starship Troopers. You either loved it, or hated it. Either way…WHO KNEW THERE WERE THREE FILMS MADE!?

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Transformers Prime – Soundwave

Guest Reviewer “Soundwav3″ is back for a review of…well…of Soundwave!
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Transformers Prime – Optimus Prime

Be sure to check out our first Guest-Review! Soundwav3 takes a look at the new Transformers Prime – Optimus Prime!
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Transformers Generations – Sky Shadow

With a bow to yesteryear, how does Sky Shadow hold up in today’s lineup of Transformers?

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